Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Valentine's Day

Joy of joys, I had the dubious privilege of working this Valentine's Day.

On a personal level, I'm not too bothered by this. My girlfriend told me she didn't want to take it too seriously and so didn't want a large fuss. This was clearly a lie, but by working Valentine's Day I managed to juggle my days off to match hers so she's happy (because now I can make a bigger fuss over it).

On a professional level, I don't like working Valentine's Day. And here's why;-


a) No matter how sexy your partner thinks you are, I really don't want to see you at reception wearing just a bathrobe - Because she's wrong

b) If you insist on having drinks in the bar before retiring to your room for the main event of the evening, WAIT TILL YOU GET TO THE ROOM!! - It's difficult to keep a straight face whilst being told by an elderly couple that someone is getting 'frisky' in the bar

c) If you insist on hiring someone for the night, I don't want to become involved in your little games - Telling me that someone will come to the front desk and ask for T-Rex is just wrong


a) All of the above - Why do you let him behave this way?!

b) If you're going to get in a fight with your partner, please don't sit in reception crying - Sit in the bar, hopefully it will make everyone else go to bed

c) Please try to maintain a civil volume - Enjoying yourself is one thing, waking up the rooms on either side is another

Sexist and stereotypical I know, but the results don't lie...


Queen Of Clean said...

Yeurck!! Elderly couples getting frisky is worse...have you ever tried to get a set of false teeth out of a brandy glass?

James UK said...

*Cue the twangy 70's guitar music*


Al said...

At least photographs of people getting frisky aren't as bad, and I can have a good laugh where warranted!