Friday, February 8, 2008

My Interview II

A while ago I wrote about carrying out interviews for new staff. Having now searched for and found a new job, I thought I would share my view of the flipside - Going to interviews.

a) If I am underqualified for the position, why bother calling me for an interview? Surely you could have gathered this from my CV.

b) I don't care if you don't call me to let me know if I got the position or not, unless you specifically said you would. Touch irritating.

c) I don't really mind where the interview takes place, however I think it a little inappropriate to do it in the bar when some old man is celebrating his 80th birthday and there are children running around screaming their heads off.

And my personal favourite.

d) If I have driven 45 minutes to come to this interview, I would appreciate it if you asked me more than 2 questions (one of which was, "Is there anything you'd like to ask me?")!

I have never before had an interview that lasted 3 minutes (and that was dragged out whilst I finished my tea).

I then had to drive back through rush hour, so it works out as;-

Interview Time - 3 Minutes

Driving Time - 1 Hour 55 Minutes

I was not amused.


James UK said...

Yes, people really do treat interviewees like poop these days. And I certainly agree with the one aspect you raised that gets my goat too; promising to "let you know" and then not bothering.

Did you remember to do all the "leaning into" the interviewer, mirroring their body language etc., and all that crap?

Queen Of Clean said...

Maybe they were just very experienced know the ones who can make up their mind inthe first 30 seconds!

On the other hand maybe he/she was missing Hollyoaks was on the telly, either way, I'm sure it's in the bag.

But do you want to work for someone like that?

D said...

James UK: I don't think I mirrored him, though in fairness I wasn't really trying to. I've never heard that advice, though I can see the reasoning for it. I'm curious if there are any others like it...

Queen: I was offered the job, but as you say, I don't really want to work for someone like that. I took a job which had slightly less pay, was closer to me, and where I was interviewed for an hour and a half - Made me feel like they actually cared about what I was saying!

Queen of Clean said...

Well good for you, well done on new job!!

It's nice to see someone with a bit of integrity.

Keep us posted!

James UK said...

I got that tip, and the "leaning forward to give impression of interest when listening" from a "Get that job!" style pamphlet that my company had knocking around.

Without quoting reams, I just did a quick "google" and there's tonnes of free advice on the same subject out there. Or have a gander down at the library for similar books etc.

In fact, I just remembered... when I was in the local Job Centre (or whatever it's called now) a few months ago, they had exactly the same sorts of leaflets too.

Al said...

I had an interview for a job that lasted just over three hours. I was offered the job but as it was less money than I'm getting now and had much less sociable hours I declined.

James UK said...

Al, how on earth did they fill all that time? Makes me wonder if you had to run a "Krypton Factor" assault course as part of it!

Was it like, written tests as well or something?

Al said...

Well there was some driving as part of the job so an assesment of that accounted for 45 minutes. There were also two written tests to be completed as well.

Strangely there were very few actual questions asked, it was mostly just them giving me information about the job!

James UK said...

Ah, the driving part I hadn't thought of.. ta, mate.

Anonymous said...

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